Fandom in Transition: 3 Flow Pieces

This past Spring, I was happy to have the opportunity to write a series of three posts for the online journal Flow on “Fandom in Transition.” With the loss of Antenna (RIP!), Flow remains a terrific site for short form thinking on TV and media culture. (And I’m looking forward to talking about generational discourse & the media industry at the Flow Conference this September!)

So, if you’d like to check them out, here are some handy links to my 3 post series on
“Fandom in Transition” at Flow:

Fandom in Transition: Long Live the Landslide (on the shifting expectations in vidding fan communities)

The Limits of Infinite Scroll: Gifsets and Fanmixes as Evolving Fan Traditions

On Vine Vids and Videographic Criticism

I’d love to hear any thoughts and to continue the conversation here or on (and at!) Flow.

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