Scholar-Vidding? Acavidding? Or just metavidding?

In the multi-year process of writing Millennial Fandom, I worked out many of my ideas in video/fanvid form. Sometimes the vid came before I drafted a chapter, and sometimes it came after. As I look back, I see that three videos offer in different different form the core ideas from the book’s three sections, Millennial Hope, Millennial Noir, and Millennial Transformation.

I’ve posted all three vids at my Millennial Fandom Tumblr. I’d love to hear what you think about the relationships and the differences between writing about these ideas with words and videos. And also, I continue to be fascinated with the relationship between vidding and videographic criticism, and the possibilities for a form (or forms) that could bridge the two evolving traditions.

You can find all three vids here.



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