Exploring gender/sexuality/media through vidding (sharing student work)

J-term is flying by. I’ve been part of a terrific new faculty orientation, and am happy to be getting a sense of the ins and outs of Middlebury.

Before the Spring is upon us, I want to share a couple of the exciting and inspiring projects that students created last semester. Now, some students wrote some terrific essays as well, but somehow essays are a bit less blog-friendly; I’ll have to think about how to highlight exciting student essays in the future.

But my classes this past semester included the options for students to do creative multimedia work that engaged with the ideas explored in class, together with some accompanying analytic writing. So first off, I’d like to share two video essays (or vids) that came out of my Gender/Sexuality/Media class. Neither of these students had ever vidded before, and I am very impressed with their first forays into the world of critical vidding expression.

First, we have one student’s examination of questions of masculinity as spectacle in teen movie-musicals, focusing on the star Channing Tatum. (This one needs to be viewed on youtube’s site.)

And then there’s another student’s exploration of female power and female spectacle in the Resident Evil franchise, incorporating imagery from the comic books, films, and video game (machinima).

I was very impressed with how both vids made their points quite effectively, without shutting down possible interpretations or feeling didactic. Both made exceptional use of sound and editing, and mixed sources in provocative ways.

Coming soon–a transmedia story about the history of fan engagement.

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