The Game is On

A whirlwind summer has sped right into fall. I had certainly meant to update this blog before the semester began, but here we are, already two weeks in! Since my last post, I’ve moved (back) across the country, set up a new home, new office, new everything. In that time, I’ve also discovered a new show & fandom, the BBC’s Sherlock, and eaten more apples than I can remember eating in years. All in all it’s been an exciting, intensely transitional time.

In the midst of all of this movement and transition, I’ve just a few things I’d like to share, publication wise:

I wrote a short piece on the ever-fascinating Misha Collins & his minions’ (of which, in the interest of full disclosure, I should state I consider myself one) performance of celebrity and fandom. This little academic drabble was part of a week focusing on Celebrity and Fandom at In Media Res. I very much enjoyed participating in the conversations that sprung from the various posts that week. If you missed it when they originally ran, I’d definitely recommend checking them out (and not just for my little contribution, of course!)

I also wrote a piece on Mad Men fandom, which ended up being a perhaps artificial stand off between Mad Men fandom and Sherlock fandom, for the always intriguing Antenna. Since I wrote this piece, I’ve been struck by the growth of what we could term more traditional forms of fandom in Mad Men, from vids to art to fic to prompt memes. I’m now wondering whether there’s something specific about the texture of season 4—with it’s slightly more heartfelt and earnest take on its characters and their relationships—that resonates with fan traditions.

I’m also very excited to say that the Flow TV anthology finally hit the presses, so to speak. I have a piece in there on Kyle XY and ABC Family’s attempts to construct fandom and to trade in fan modes of engagement. But mine is one of many, and I for one am very pleased to be able to have my hands on the collection before we head to Flow 2010 in a matter of weeks!

Finally, I was thrilled if startled to have my (yet to be taught!) class listed in The Daily Beast’s 2010 Hottest College Courses, during my very first week here at Middlebury! I was also very amused to see the juxtaposition of the Middlebury campus and Hogwarts (click through to the third image); all very appropriate as Middlebury is a/the center of college Quidditch (although I hear that they’re moving the World Cup to NYC this year. I will do my best to attend!)

Moving forward, I’d like to share links to my two class sites. Where at SDSU, I used Blackboard as a course management system, and so all the inter-workings of class were behind closed digital doors, here I’m using wordpress, and so can simply share links to my two courses, History of Audiences, and Gender/Sexuality/Media. Both classes are off to a terrific start, and I’ll be sure to write about how they progress over the course of the semester. I’m excited to see the projects my students embark on. The History of Audiences class will actually be researching the local history of moviegoing here in Middlebury, and so it will be an opportunity for me to learn about the history of my new home as well.

2 thoughts on “The Game is On

    1. lstein says:

      Thanks, Derek! It really has been terrific. Everyone’s been so welcoming, and I must say it feels like home already, even though I’ve only been here for a matter of weeks!

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