New Supernatural-focused issue of Transformative Works and Cultures

This morning, I’m very excited to announce the release of the newest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, which happens to focus on a program/fandom close to my heart: Supernatural. The special issue, guest edited by Catherine Tosenberger, is entitled “Saving People, Hunting Things.” You can scan through the table of contents and click through to the essays here.

I’m not just excited because the focus is Supernatural, of course. I think that the very existence of an academic journal on fan studies with a special issue focusing on a particular show/fandom is in itself extremely valuable; the various essays can offer a prism reflecting this dynamic and diverse fandom, so that one branch of the fandom doesn’t seem to stand for the whole. Fan creativity is so complex and multilayered; even this issue can only offer a snapshot of the depth and reach of Supernatural fan creativity. But I feel it suggests we’ve come along way from the perception that one essay on Star Trek slash can say it all.

I’m very happy to be included in a small way, at least, in the issue. I have a short symposium piece on Supernatural vidding as millennial discourse.

I’m excited to sit down with a cup of coffee and dig through the whole issue on the train to the Transmedia, Hollywood event at USC tomorrow (at a horribly early hour in the morning). It promises to be perfect train reading!

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