Wagons East

Some big changes ahead, both professional and personal. I’m excited to say that I’ve accepted a new position in the department of Film and Media Culture in Middlebury College. So my family and I will be packing up this summer and heading back across the country to Middlebury, Vermont.

I’m very excited about my new position, department, and home state. The department feels like a perfect fit for me, with a dynamic comparative media curriculum that integrates critical studies and production. Check out Middlebury’s new, beautifully-designed website. Not the mention that Middlebury holds the annual Muggle Quidditch World Cup.

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues and students at Middlebury. And since I’m originally from Boston, I’m also (believe it or not) looking forward to a return to the colder climate, to fall leaves and snow and owning winter coats. And hey, I’ll be able to once again watch TV programs when they air on Eastern Time!

All that said, at the same time I’m also quite sad to be leaving my San Diegan friends, colleagues, and students (with much overlap between the three, of course). I hope we’ll be able to stay in touch. Having been across the country from family and friends these past few years, I have increased faith in the possibilities of keeping up virtual friendships via twitter, facebook, skype, and the like. So I’ll be looking out for all of you on cyberspace!

2 thoughts on “Wagons East

    1. lstein says:

      Thanks, Derek! I’m thrilled, and very excited for the move.

      I added you back on twitter–actually, I hope you don’t mine that I also added (what appears to be) your teaching twitter account? I’m using just one account for teaching and other media related and professional things, but I’m very interested to see how others are using twitter in the classroom. I know you’ve been doing it for a long while now! I’d love to follow along.

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